Each life is extraordinary
A champion for the lives challenged by rare diseases
Driven by our commitment to improving the outcomes for haematology and oncology patients and the healthcare professionals (HCPs) who treat them, we listen to their beliefs, attitudes, concerns, hopes and goals so that we can truly understand and meet their unique needs.

In pursuit of transformative bioengineering
This principle continues to guide and motivate us as we work to push the boundaries of medicine and technology to develop uniquely engineered molecules and gene therapies to treat rare blood disorders and cancers – because conventional medicine cannot.

Overcome adversity through solidarity
Working together with haematologists and oncologists, we restore, reshape and advance the structure and the ideology of medical knowledge to advance the outcomes of clinical practice in highly specialised fields.

Discover more
Visit the Sanofi Genzyme haematology and oncology team at the Sanofi Genzyme booth, to learn more about how we can collaborate to treat rare blood diseases and cancers.